5 Unconventional Myths of Window Tinting

Installing window films to your car’s window can do so much more than making your car look cool. Films help in keeping you and your passengers cool and comfortable in the presence of the blaze Sun. Moreover, tints prevent strangers from peeking inside your car and stealing something important from your car.

However, apart from the amazing benefits of the car window tints, there are plenty of different myths and misconceptions regarding the car tinting are lurking in the market. Out of all the different myths about car tinting top 5 myths are discussed ahead.

Myth 1. Tinting is costly

Tinting your car windows might cost you a couple of hundreds, but it’s not going to cost you in thousands. The price of the tint varies from the type and level of the tint. Even the price of tint varies from company to company. However, this is going to be a very good investment for you as it will protect you and safeguard from numerous things. Compared to the problems cured by installing one tint is far less than the cost of the installing tint.

Myth 2. Tint is superficial

Window tints stop ultraviolet rays from harming your skin also protects the interior of your car from rays. This will reduce the chances of skin cancer and fading the interior of your car. Tinting even blocks the solar glares of the sun and reflect the shade from harming your eyes. The tint even offers the privacy feature to the car. It even reduces the level of heat in your car and keeps you cool. So, saying that window tinting is superficial is the biggest myth.

Myth 3. Tinting make a vehicle look dark

The truth is vehicle owners can opt for the amount of window tint darkening they desire. Select the tint level you are looking for, make sure it adheres to state guidelines and you will have no worries. You can even install the window films which looks invisible. So, tinting won’t make your car look darker.

Myth 4. Tinting has downsides

The fading and bubbles can easily form on the tint, but this problem rarely happens. Bubbles forms only when tints are installed by an untrained person. It generally takes two decades or longer period to fade the tint.  Most people sell their vehicles before 20 years, so no need to worry about this problem. It is almost guaranteed that if you carefully take your car tint, then your car tinting can stay same forever.

Myth 5. Tint fortifies

Window tint does not strengthen windows to the point that it stops glass from shattering. This decrease the level of glass shattering to some extent. That’s because window tint holds the glass firmly to the place.

So, as now all your doubts related to the tint are cleared. So, it’s right time to install car tints and enjoy their benefits. Spread the word about window tint so everyone knows the truth about this commonly misunderstood vehicle feature.

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