Are you planning to pimp your car? Wait for a second and check out the right way to do that

The love of UAE people for their automobiles isn’t a new thing. On the roads of UAE, you may easily locate jazzed-up G-Wagens and heavy-duty Jeeps to race-ready Camaros. The people here are bit crazy and enthusiastic about their vehicles and their appearance.

The options to decorate cars are today endless and enthusiasts have so many options available to design their vehicles that they are trying out some dangerous things as well. That’s why Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) has issued standard guidelines to customize the vehicles.

In the country, where to modify the vehicle is the part of their culture and heritage, people can get little overboard easily while customizing their vehicles. Enthusiast motorists here forget that increasing the power of a vehicle can have a detrimental impact on the brakes and chassis, and this can be very dangerous, especially if the upgrades were not installed to a high standard.

There are numerous road accidents have been recorded which caused because of the wrong way of customizing the vehicles. So, proper rules are highly important to be followed.

Modifying Vehicles

Modifying vehicles is still highly allowed in the nation, but there are some strict guidelines issued by the authorities which needed to followed firmly. The guidelines are issued to make sure that vehicles stay safe on the road despite any alterations made in the mechanical or physical appearance of the vehicle.

The special modification center has been established for car owners where they can go get their car checked. The center will make sure that the car is modified according to the issued guidelines.

If the car meets all the safety standards issued by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA), then a certificate will be issued by them. The test will be charged from the car owners for around AED 400 which will cover modification of engines, gearboxes, exhaust systems, brakes, suspension, and chassis.

Safety Comes First

Safety is the main concern of the ESMA guidelines. According to guidelines, a replacement engine will be accepted only if it compiles with official emission and noise standards. The guidelines stated that modified vehicle must not emit noise more than the 94 decibels when it is tested.

Whereas engine replacement is only allowed if the replaced engine belongs to the same category of vehicle as per the original vehicle. If the replaced engine is more powerful than the original engine offered by the vehicle manufacturer. In that case, car required to be upgraded with the appropriate parts to sustain powerful engine like brakes, front and rear suspension, fire extinguisher and appropriate seatbelts.

It is allowed to install a forced induction system like supercharger or turbocharger to the vehicle, as long as the engine set the bar of noise emission manual.

It is also stated that engine-related all the installation must be done out meticulously so that safety factor don’t be compromised. When we are talking about the exhaust systems, then car owners can purchase accessories from the local car accessory shop which matches the noise standards. All piping should be designed to discharge fumes to the rear side from the vehicle. Whereas no part of the exhaust system should pass through passengers compartment or fuel system of the car.

All the modified vehicles must have proper fuel system which needs to be securely fastened to the car so it won’t interfere with the other vital operations of the car. Especially the parts like tank, tubing, hoses, and pump must be not disturbed by the fuel system. Hood scoops like exhaust system are allowed on the hood of the car as long as they won’t interfere with the vision of the drivers. The body of the customized vehicle should be away from any sharp edges.

The big bull bars are not allowed unless they are part of the original vehicle. The steering wheel always remains circular in the shape with an outside diameter of not less than 34cm. Tires must be installed as per the recommendation of your manufacturer. Any kind of alteration on the structure of wheels isn’t allowed.

So, please follow the above mentioned all safety guidelines while maintaining the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle. Otherwise, you will endanger your and other people’s life.

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