Confused by all the window film jargon?

Me too, Heat rejection, Infrared rejection? UV measure. Every Manufacturer is trying to sell you their film so everyone is going to prioritize what they do best. Like anything don’t expect a film for  AED 100 to perform at the same level as AED 2000+. There is a difference Lets go through most of the

6 Reasons to Install Privacy Window Films in Your Shop

So, if you are selling the delicious Arabic treats in your shop or if you are selling the exquisite vintage jewelry in your shop, you need to make your shop customers friendly in every way to get more business. The sweet ambiance of your shop needs to be designed to offer impeccable comfort to your

Tinting Your Home Can Make Your Life Super Refreshing

Okay, so people, your home is your personal space where you feel safe and secured after conquering the world. You always try to make happy and sweet memories in your home which you can cherish with your family. However, to make your home a happy place you have to pay special attention to the ambiance

4 Benefits of Installing Frosted Window Films in Your Office

If you are workaholic and spend straight ten hours in the safe environment of your office to be productive, then you need an office which is safe, secured and gives some homey feel. However, if you are the boss, then it’s your responsibility to design the office in such a way that it helps your

Good News; Law allowed 50% car window tinting to keep motorists cool in the scorching heat

Revised federal traffic law has allowed car tints to be darker to stay the motorists cooler this summer season. The level of mercury is high, which makes the automobiles climbers life more difficult. However, darker window tinting will help in beating the heat. The revised federal traffic law will be implemented from July 1, 2017.

Solar Control Window Films Market 2018

The global solar control window film market report has been recently issued and the report has provided a complete structure along with the forecast of the various segments and sub-segments of the market. In the report, plenty of other factors has been analyzed as well as the tactical profiling of key players in the market,

Dubai Police Encouraging Motorists to Report Bullies

The police department of Dubai has been encouraging motorists to report against the drivers who drive in over speed or take reckless turns during driving. Police Department asked people to phone police immediately when they see any road bully with the license plate number. Department will observe such activities and take action against such motorists

Dubai Police Has Taken Strong Steps on National Day to Elevate the Level of Road Safety

The country has been hitting up the mark of 47th National Day. On this auspicious day, Dubai police have tightened the road safety rules and warned the dangerous car decorations. Police have even imposed the fine of Dh2000 and 2300 black points. Director of Traffic Department in Dubai police, Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui has

Tinting Up to 15 cm is allowed on the Windshield

According to the new federal traffic rules imposed by the Dubai Police in July, some major changes in the window tinting rules have been seen. In the new rule, motorists are allowed to tint up to 50% which was earlier allowed only 30%. However, motorists are complaining after the new law as they are being