Car Tinting Shops of Dubai’s Satwa Region is Dying

Dubai is the highlighted part of the middle east these days, there you have the glazing beauty of Burj Khalifa and the sky touching malls. Why has been the center of attraction for the tourists from all over the world and has been a serene place to live for the residents of the city.

However, under the sky touching buildings, just a few kilometers away from the Satwa a small and rustic road is present which takes you to the world of low cut garages and window tint accessories shops. However, the shops here are not exactly like the posed and proper Dubai. This part of Dubai is far worst and underline, then your imagination.

Car Shops at Satwa

well, if you are wondering what the car shops here are going to be same as any regular car shop in the Dubai, then you are thinking totally wrong because there you might find the actual people who adore their car and always want best for their car.

A regular Shops here sell items ranging from the mundane – stickers, perfumes and seat covers – to full-on body kits, LED upgrades and complete stereo systems. Spoilers and bullbars hang from the walls like slain trophies, right next to swatches of fake fur for your seats. If you are looking for the proper upholstery of your car, then here you can get it at very cheaper rates. This is going to be a heaven for car lovers. There you might find everything under the sun that can help you in enhancing the appearance and power of your car.

Window Tinting Is Main Business

The main bread and butter of the people of this area come from the window tinting, the price and the quality of window tints available in this area are far better than any upscale shop of Dubai. If you go to any other car accessories shop in another part of Dubai, then you can’t be done your car tinted below Dh1000.

However, here you can install the best quality window film on your car and that almost half of the rain that you can get from anywhere else. A good quality car window tinting is going to cost you around Dh300 to Dh500 in this area.

But despite the deals and the loyalty, things are not as they seem in Satwa. The summer months were, in the past, the peak season for the tint market, but business has steadily been declining. There are many reasons for the decline of these shops like they are hidden, to reach there people have to face heavy traffic and the marketing skills of people here are not up to the mark.

So, if you ever want to upholster your car or want to install the good quality window tints on your car’s at the cheaper rates, then the streets of Satwa are ready for you.

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