Cool Tips to Maintain the Level of Heat In Your Car in Scorching Heat

Summer season in Dubai is pretty harsh for motorists. Leaving your car in the outdoor parking during the summer days can be very dangerous for your health. The temperature of outdoor can increase up to 80 degree Celsius on the hot in Dubai. Not, even parking your vehicle in the open parking space will prevent

Are you planning to pimp your car? Wait for a second and check out the right way to do that

The love of UAE people for their automobiles isn’t a new thing. On the roads of UAE, you may easily locate jazzed-up G-Wagens and heavy-duty Jeeps to race-ready Camaros. The people here are bit crazy and enthusiastic about their vehicles and their appearance. The options to decorate cars are today endless and enthusiasts have so

Tinting Rented Cars is Banned in UAQ

Window tinting of the rented car has been now banned in Umm Al Quwain. This action has been taken to improve the level of security and controlling the indecent and illegal activities, as per the top traffic police of the area. Lt-Col Saeed Obaid bin Aran, Director of Traffic and Patrols Department of the UAQ

Motorists are recommended to use high-quality window tints to beat the heat

The summer heat is going to rise in UAE rapidly and in some parts, it’s even going to cross the 50 degree Celsius bar. Motorists who want to tint their car windows to beat the scorching heat of the summer needs to ensure that only quality materials should be used. Car window tint serves the

Some legal UAE Q&As to better understand the level car tinting permitted by law

There are some questions asked by the general public of UAE regarding the maximum level of car tinting which is answered by experts in the most efficient manner. Question; What is the maximum level of car tinting permitted by law? It is generally believed that the legal maximum is 50 percent but I see many

Let’s Be Energy Efficient With The Window Films

Okay, if you have a beautiful home or professional looking office in the suburb on the commercial area of the hot and humid sitting city like a Dubai, then you must be always worried about providing the comfort and coziness to yourself and your employees. Well, that’s because the temperature level and the level of

How to Repair Your Window Tint?

Tinting your vehicle is one of the best ways to improve the efficiency and aesthetic appearance of your vehicle. The window tinting offers great benefits to your car such as they block excessive heat from damaging the interior of your car, tinting protect you from dangerous ultraviolet rays. Overall, tinting car is a very effective

Benefits of Installing Window Films in Dubai

Dubai is one of the beautiful and luxurious city of the twenty-first century. The city is loaded with the luxurious and magnificent views. It is the hub of tallest buildings of the world, one can literally say that Dubai is one of the richest city in the world from travel and grandness point of view.

Why It’s preferred To Hire Experts To Tint Your Car Windows

Okay, if you have recently bought a brand-new car or planning to redesign your old car window tint, then you must have heard about DIY window tinting methods. These methods have been recently adopted by numerous people in which they tint windows of their car on their own to save money. This method has been

Legal Car Tinting Percentage Limit in Dubai

UAE has gone through numerous changes during the due course of the past few decades. The traffic rules and regulations of UAE has also been changed dynamically in the last few years. The new federal traffic law has been implemented in Dubai in July 2017 according to which the new limit to tint the windows