Good News; Law allowed 50% car window tinting to keep motorists cool in the scorching heat

Revised federal traffic law has allowed car tints to be darker to stay the motorists cooler this summer season. The level of mercury is high, which makes the automobiles climbers life more difficult. However, darker window tinting will help in beating the heat. The revised federal traffic law will be implemented from July 1, 2017.

Tinting Up to 15 cm is allowed on the Windshield

According to the new federal traffic rules imposed by the Dubai Police in July, some major changes in the window tinting rules have been seen. In the new rule, motorists are allowed to tint up to 50% which was earlier allowed only 30%. However, motorists are complaining after the new law as they are being

Darker car tinting can lead to a break in traffic law; Experts take on new federal traffic law

From the effect of 1st July 2017, the new federal traffic law has been implemented in the whole UAE. As per the new traffic law, car tinting up to 50% is now legal which was earlier 30%. Some experts of the industry have an opinion that the new rule will make the job of traffic

How Tinting Will Protect Interior Of Your Car in Summers?

The hot and humid weather of the summer season can be very irritating and annoying. The heat of the season won’t allow you to step out of your home and when you try to go out, then heated air and rays attacks you from everywhere. However, we can’t just lock ourselves inside the closed and

Complete Guide on Different Types of Car Window Tints

Car tinting has been turning out one of the amazing and durable methods to protect your car from the scorching heat. The heated rays of the sun have the potential to harm your car and your skin in the most deadly way. But, if you have installed the window films on your car windows, then

Tinting provides a new cooler look to your car

Tinting is the business of changing the look of your car while offering the protection from sunlight. Car window tinting is the cheapest way to change the aesthetic appearance of your car. Not only, does it alter the exterior, but it also keeps the interior cooler, protects the seats and dashboard and reduces glare. Window

Cool Tips to Maintain the Level of Heat In Your Car in Scorching Heat

Summer season in Dubai is pretty harsh for motorists. Leaving your car in the outdoor parking during the summer days can be very dangerous for your health. The temperature of outdoor can increase up to 80 degree Celsius on the hot in Dubai. Not, even parking your vehicle in the open parking space will prevent

Tinting Rented Cars is Banned in UAQ

Window tinting of the rented car has been now banned in Umm Al Quwain. This action has been taken to improve the level of security and controlling the indecent and illegal activities, as per the top traffic police of the area. Lt-Col Saeed Obaid bin Aran, Director of Traffic and Patrols Department of the UAQ

Motorists are recommended to use high-quality window tints to beat the heat

The summer heat is going to rise in UAE rapidly and in some parts, it’s even going to cross the 50 degree Celsius bar. Motorists who want to tint their car windows to beat the scorching heat of the summer needs to ensure that only quality materials should be used. Car window tint serves the