Some legal UAE Q&As to better understand the level car tinting permitted by law

There are some questions asked by the general public of UAE regarding the maximum level of car tinting which is answered by experts in the most efficient manner. Question; What is the maximum level of car tinting permitted by law? It is generally believed that the legal maximum is 50 percent but I see many

How to Repair Your Window Tint?

Tinting your vehicle is one of the best ways to improve the efficiency and aesthetic appearance of your vehicle. The window tinting offers great benefits to your car such as they block excessive heat from damaging the interior of your car, tinting protect you from dangerous ultraviolet rays. Overall, tinting car is a very effective

Why It’s preferred To Hire Experts To Tint Your Car Windows

Okay, if you have recently bought a brand-new car or planning to redesign your old car window tint, then you must have heard about DIY window tinting methods. These methods have been recently adopted by numerous people in which they tint windows of their car on their own to save money. This method has been

Legal Car Tinting Percentage Limit in Dubai

UAE has gone through numerous changes during the due course of the past few decades. The traffic rules and regulations of UAE has also been changed dynamically in the last few years. The new federal traffic law has been implemented in Dubai in July 2017 according to which the new limit to tint the windows

Which season is perfect to tint your car?

If you have recently purchased a new car or are you planning to tint the windows of your old car, then this question must be going through your mind. That which season is perfect to install the window tints on your car so that the window tinting of your car will stay long and strong.

Easy Tips to Increase Efficiency of Your Restaurant Using Window Tints

Are you owner an owner of a restaurant? Do you want people to visit your restaurant again and again? Do you want to increase the efficiency of your restaurant with the help of small change? If you are screaming out yes, yes and yes, then we are going to offer you the dynamic solution which

Car Tinting Shops of Dubai’s Satwa Region is Dying

Dubai is the highlighted part of the middle east these days, there you have the glazing beauty of Burj Khalifa and the sky touching malls. Why has been the center of attraction for the tourists from all over the world and has been a serene place to live for the residents of the city. However,