Tinting Up to 15 cm is allowed on the Windshield

According to the new federal traffic rules imposed by the Dubai Police in July, some major changes in the window tinting rules have been seen. In the new rule, motorists are allowed to tint up to 50% which was earlier allowed only 30%. However, motorists are complaining after the new law as they are being

5 Unconventional Myths of Window Tinting

Installing window films to your car’s window can do so much more than making your car look cool. Films help in keeping you and your passengers cool and comfortable in the presence of the blaze Sun. Moreover, tints prevent strangers from peeking inside your car and stealing something important from your car. However, apart from

Questions Need to be Asked From Your Auto Tint Installer

If you are all set to install new auto tints on your brand new car or thinking about upgrading your old tints, then that’s an awesome idea. That’s because auto tints are loaded with the benefits such as they offer safety, security, privacy, protection and so much more to your car. Car tints are just

Cool Tips to Maintain the Level of Heat In Your Car in Scorching Heat

Summer season in Dubai is pretty harsh for motorists. Leaving your car in the outdoor parking during the summer days can be very dangerous for your health. The temperature of outdoor can increase up to 80 degree Celsius on the hot in Dubai. Not, even parking your vehicle in the open parking space will prevent

Are you planning to pimp your car? Wait for a second and check out the right way to do that

The love of UAE people for their automobiles isn’t a new thing. On the roads of UAE, you may easily locate jazzed-up G-Wagens and heavy-duty Jeeps to race-ready Camaros. The people here are bit crazy and enthusiastic about their vehicles and their appearance. The options to decorate cars are today endless and enthusiasts have so

Benefits of Installing Window Films in Dubai

Dubai is one of the beautiful and luxurious city of the twenty-first century. The city is loaded with the luxurious and magnificent views. It is the hub of tallest buildings of the world, one can literally say that Dubai is one of the richest city in the world from travel and grandness point of view.

Ultimate Checklist for Dubai Motorists which will Protect Them From the Heat

The scorching heat of the beautiful city Dubai has been a huge problem. The heat of the city has been affecting road safety and increasing the number of road accidents in the city. Sometimes weather of Dubai crosses the bar of the 50 degree Celsius also which is highly dangerous for the motorists and their

Benefits of UV Window Films

This is a global problem today that our temperature level of the earth is rapidly increasing. There are numerous reasons behind the drastic increase in the temperature of the earth such as emission of greenhouse gases, ozone depletion, invasion of ultraviolet rays, etc., Well, all these problems are created by the man himself and can

Tremendous Benefits of Privacy Window Films

Are you a private person? If you don’t like strangers snooping around your property or intruding in your daily routine, then you must be looking for a good privacy system for your home or car. Well, If you live in a private villa, then privacy isn’t a big problem for you. However, if you live