Complete Guide on Different Types of Car Window Tints

Car tinting has been turning out one of the amazing and durable methods to protect your car from the scorching heat. The heated rays of the sun have the potential to harm your car and your skin in the most deadly way. But, if you have installed the window films on your car windows, then the dangerous effects of the sun rays can be reduced to nil at the very affordable price range.

Moreover, today role of the car window films isn’t limited to the protection from the sun rays. No, nowadays tints can perform multiple functions such as establishing privacy, safety, security, and comfort are some of the ultra features of tints. Thus, in the market today plenty of different types of window tints available according to the function and nature of the tint.

So, if you are looking forward to installing car tints and yet haven’t explored all the different variety of tints present, then you gotta go check them out. That’s because a right selection of car tint can make your life super easy and can offer you numerous ultra benefits in the cost of regular window tinting. It generally depends from manufacturer to manufacturer that which type of car tint they are offering you. But, normally, following types of car window films are available;

Different Types of Car Window Films

1. Blackout Window Tints

If you are resident of hot and humid countries like UAE, then blackout window films are the darkest tints which are legally allowed on the commercial vehicles. These tints are fully blackout and won’t let harmful ultraviolet rays surpass the surface of tint. These tints are designed from the nonmetallic materials so it won’t affect the radio or navigation signals. You can easily communicate or see outside with these blackout window films. If heated glares of the sun are a serious problem for you, then you definitely should get this tint.

2. Metallic Tints

Well, heated rays of the sun are always going to be a problem for motorists in UAE. The heated rays destroy the imperial quality interior of your car and harm the furnishing of your car.  However, the metallic window films offer the extra shielding to your car windows and block all negative rays of the sun. The special nano-metallic material observes all the extra heat and maintain the inner temperature of your car cool. 3M window tints are very light in weight and won’t give you any problem in vision.

3. Sun Control Window Tints

These are the most popular and demanded window tints by the motorists. While driving the car, the sunlight directly falls on the motorist which can result in numerous health hazards like sunburn or skin cancer. Here, Sun Control window films are very useful as they protect motorists from the heated glares and ultraviolet rays from directly attacking the person. The sun control films observe the rays of the sun and keep the inside of your car free from any harmful rays and their negative effects.

4. Budgeted Tints

Now, that’s not a name of the car tint, it’s just something which always concerns you whenever you think about tinting your car. If you are not able to tint your car yet because you are concerned about the price of tinting, then you can install the budgeted window Films. You see window tinting car isn’t an expensive process, but it can be little less expensive for you if you select the tint which suits your budget easily.

5. Commercial Tinting

If you are the owner of the commercial vehicle, then you should get the commercial type of tinting done for your car. The car tinting rules and regulations are slightly different for the noncommercial cars in UAE. The main reason to tint commercial vehicles is to offer privacy to the people inside. Tinting commercial vehicle is important from the privacy as well security point of view also. Commercial vehicles should get done the special privacy and safety window tinting.

6. Crystalline Tint

If you are the owner of the luxurious car, then you should think about this type of car tinting. The beauty of crystalline tint is that it blocks heat very effectively while allowing a lot of light into your vehicle. This keeps your car cool but not too dark. With this tint, you can keep your car well ventilated and fresh from the sunlight, but the negative sides of the sun rays won’t disturb you after installing these window films.

7. Graphics Tints

Do you want to embed some special logo or name of your company on the tint of your car, then you can customize the car window tints also. The company cars or transportation vehicles should get done this type of tinting to engrave their services name on the vehicle.

8. Privacy Tints

For the people who don’t want burglars and unnecessary passerbys to look inside their car, for them privacy car window tints are perfect. The privacy window films keep the people from outside to not see inside your car and by darkening the view of inside. This will give you security and safety feature as well because nobody can see what’s going inside the car. With the privacy window films, you can only darken your tint up to the standard decided by the law present in your area.

Well, these are just some of the types of car window films because there are numerous other types of auto tints are available in the market. Some other names are like nano-ceramic window films, UV protection films, frosted window films, etc., So, you have unlimited options to select from, therefore don’t avoid to tint your car.

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