Confused by all the window film jargon?

Me too, Heat rejection, Infrared rejection? UV measure.

Every Manufacturer is trying to sell you their film so everyone is going to prioritize what they do best. Like anything don’t expect a film for  AED 100 to perform at the same level as AED 2000+. There is a difference

Lets go through most of the basics:

Dyed Films: (Aed 100-600)

Majority of the films at the economy level. Have some heat rejection capability but the major advantage is the reduction of glare. As anything dyed depending on the quality you will start to get “Purple” windows sooner or late.

Also keep in mind replacing this film can cost more than installing it, as the adhesive in these films are very aggressive and can damage filament on the rear window when removing it. This film can cost you far more removing than installing. Average cost to repair rear window is approximately AED3,000 not to mention the number of days the vehicle needs to be at the workshop.

If you have a car which you plan on keeping for a very short time then go for it. Please ensure you choose reputed manufacture. Again the cheaper the film the more likely it will be compromised in quality.

Impregnated Dyed Film. (AED 400-1200)

While the film is still dyed the process is far more stable and these films don’t turn purple. Here is where the major manufacturers of film start their true range. These films perform at a higher level then the purely dyed film and tend to have life time warranty on the color change. Performance varies from marginally from major manufacturers.

Metallic Films (AED 800 – AED 3600)

Metal particles distributed within a layer film reflect back heat at a higher rate of heat than dyed films. The film on the exterior side tend to give a mirror like finish depending on the level of tint. This films tend look very good on the exterior of shinny and glossy cars

Disadvantage of  Metallic tint, tend to interfere with radio signals. So if you use a garage door opener you will see the range required will need to be shorter. Radio Antenna tened to be placed either in the front or rear windshields of major car manufactuers. Metallic films wil interfere with radio signals and GPS.

If you live in humid climate metallic films will tend to rust at the edges over time. This should not be a concern if you plan on selling you car within 5 years.

Ceramic Film (AED 1000-2500)

Ceramic flilm were created due to all drawbacks with Metallic films. Ceramic films have a higher heat deflection then metal. They do not have any of the draw backs of the metallic films. A ceramic layer or layers are cross stacked to allow for a high performance film.

Metalized Sputtered (2000 – 3600)

Higher version of metallic film however the quality of metallic elements used increased the cost and the manufcruring technique which requires multiple passes and expensive metals to be deposited providing a higher performance film. Still suffer the same drawback as metal films in terms of interference from radio signals and corrosion over time

Disclaimer: While I have been doing this for a long time and have worked with most major brand of films. This does not mean I am correct all the time. If you see something I have misquoted or just completely made a hash off. Please email me and I will update this and give you a mention.

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