Cool Tips to Maintain the Level of Heat In Your Car in Scorching Heat

Summer season in Dubai is pretty harsh for motorists. Leaving your car in the outdoor parking during the summer days can be very dangerous for your health. The temperature of outdoor can increase up to 80 degree Celsius on the hot in Dubai. Not, even parking your vehicle in the open parking space will prevent your car from the scorching heat.

However, folks, you don’t need to cut your travel time and duck inside your home because if you follow some tips and methods carefully, then you can prevent your car from turning into the oven. Just follow some simple tips and enjoy the beautiful summer day.

Tips to cool down car in summers

1. Never enter your car immediately

The first thing that you should keep on your agenda that never immediately enter your car when it has been parked under the sun for a pretty long time. You should at least wait for a minute for all the poisonous gases and carbon dioxide to leave your car. You should leave the door of your car open for at least one minute before entering the car.

The experts have something to share on this topic as well, as per Rizwan Ali, general manager of a leading garage in Dubai. Some people assume that tinting their car’s windows is enough to keep the car cool. But, you have to at least put 30% of tint on the back and front of the car to keep it fully cool. Even with the help of sun visor the level of heat can keep down and can even protect your hands from burning up when you steer the wheel.

2. Hot seat belts

Overheated seat belts are one of another major problem faced by the motorists in the summers. They have to put hot seat belt to protect them from traffic fines, but which makes their skin harsh and in some cases even burn their skin. However, this problem can be easily avoided by using the cotton seat covers. The cotton seat covers can be purchased from any car accessories shop or from any supermarket from near your home.

According to Rizwan Ali, general manager of a leading garage in Dubai, “Leather seats take about two hours to cool down at room temperature and using a seat cover, which costs about Dh100, prevents the leather from heating up.”

3. Other tips

Well, if you want to cool down the overall interior of your car and protect the inside of your car from the scorching heat of the sun, you have to follow some other tips as well. Keep your car windows down up to six centimeters whenever your car is parked in the parking. This will let air pass through your car and keep the interior of your car down. This will further help in protecting your car interiors from the heat and prevent your car’s dashboard from overheating or getting destroyed.

Just follow these tips and keep your car cool and composed in the scorching heat of the summers. That’s because it’s always good to be preventive, then being sorry.

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