Darker car tinting can lead to a break in traffic law; Experts take on new federal traffic law

From the effect of 1st July 2017, the new federal traffic law has been implemented in the whole UAE. As per the new traffic law, car tinting up to 50% is now legal which was earlier 30%. Some experts of the industry have an opinion that the new rule will make the job of traffic police harder and give leverage to the lawbreakers.

The heavy tinting makes it difficult for police to see that the traffic rules are been followed properly by the motorists. Police cannot see whether the driver is using the phone while driving or the child seat has been properly fixed or not. This issue has been raised by numerous industry experts.

Experts Opinion

Robert Hodges, driver education expert has shown his happiness on the new federal traffic law. He appreciates the step of making child seat mandatory and passenger in the back seat wearing seatbelt compulsory. However, he isn’t happy with the heavy tinting rule.

He said that heavy tinting will give the freedom to a certain type of people to freely use their mobile phones while driving or doing other stuff which isn’t allowed in the law. Mr. Hodges also concerns that people will try to deliberately increase the limit of their car tinting which will get easily unnoticed by police.

The argument in the Context of Heat & Privacy

When the concerns about the heated rays and ultraviolet rays raised in front of the expert. Saying that this heavy tinting rule will keep the vehicle of the motorists cool and save them from the harsh glares of the sun.

To this, Mr. Hodges, former chief operating officer at Emirates Driving Institute in Dubai, said that “Quality tints such as 3M and V Cool that are completely clear have 100 percent heat rejection,” he said. “They are designed to work without any darkness.”

There’s one another issue was raised in front of the driving school expert that some drivers use the darker tints to maintain their family privacy, especially the women drivers.

For this, he has a very brutally honest reply, he said if women are driving the vehicle than they need to let go their privacy factor. However, if they feel uncomfortable by seeing, then they should never come in front of the vehicle. That’s because while driving being seen and been seen is highly important.

The New Law Acceptance

New federal traffic law has been received a mixed reaction from the different section of the society. Some people like Robert Hodges has some concerns regarding the new law. Whereas common motorists are happy to get the more leverage on car tinting.

Michael Dreznes, executive vice president of the International Road Federation, said motorists should not hide their bad habits and wait for police to penalize them.

The main motive behind the tinting rule or back seat law for seatbelt isn’t to penalize people. No, rules are created to help the general public and maintain the level of security on the road to prevent accidents. So, motorists don’t manipulate rules in your way because rules are here for you and help you out. That’s why follow rules and secure your life!


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