Dubai Police Encouraging Motorists to Report Bullies

The police department of Dubai has been encouraging motorists to report against the drivers who drive in over speed or take reckless turns during driving. Police Department asked people to phone police immediately when they see any road bully with the license plate number. Department will observe such activities and take action against such motorists who endanger the lives of fellow drivers.

Colonel Jamal Al Bannai, deputy director of the police’s Traffic Department has encouraged motorists to file a report against reckless drivers under the “We All Are Policemen” program.

The colonel has further explained to the motorists of Dubai that if they see someone tailgating their vehicle or overtaking your vehicle in the wrong way, then you should immediately pull your vehicle on the side. Then, you should give a call on 901 nonemergency number and explain everything to the police officer over the phone. As the police department has cameras on every road, then they will check out the footage and will file the legal penalty on the driver.

Brash, Offense Reporting

Reporting brash, offensive motorists is in line with the Federal Traffic Law which came into effect on July 1 to reduce accidents on the roads through better road behavior. Colonel also shared that the rate of traffic fines have been reduced after the implementation of the new rule. This is good news from the road safety and accident point of view.

He shared some important facts to prove his point. He shared that the traffic fines issued in Dubai declined by one-third after the implementation of new federal traffic law on 1st July as compared to the week before implementation. The exact number of figures were shared by Colonel with the media, 964 traffic fines in the seven days leading to July 1 compared to 59,777 fines issued in the July 1-7 period, it is just a week after the implementation of new federal traffic law.

This means that around 35,187 fines where less issued after the implementation of the new traffic law which is very good news.

On the occasion, Col Al Bannai again clarified that to issue the fine for the seatbelt absence, the police officer is required on the site. No such fine can be issued on the absence of the police officer as per the new rule. He further clarified that police officer will first warn the driver about taking into consideration the seat belt safety of every passenger. After that, if the offense is repeated by the driver, the driver will be fined Dh400 for each of the passengers whose seat belt wasn’t right.

Col Al Bannai specially requests parents to use a proper car seat for their children. Moreover, if the family is large than one baby seat on the back is sufficient. He said that new federal traffic law is designed to help the motorists and enhance the road safety, so people of Dubai should coordinate with the police department.

Register First

If you want to join the campaign like a true citizen and want to file a report against the road bullies, then you need to register with the department to file a report. You can register yourself with the campaign by following two methods;

  • You can report any incidents by calling either of these three numbers: 8007777, 8004353 or 901.
  • Alternatively, you can email information about the violation to

New Tinting Rules

Dubai Police has been reminding new window tinting rules repeatedly so that everyone can follow it. In new traffic law, 50% of darker car tinting is allowed as compared to the earlier 30%. However, trucks and taxes are expected from the law and windshields can be only tinted up to 15 cm.

So, make sure that you and your fellow motorists are following the rules properly and if someone tries to bully you on the road, then file a report immediately.

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