Good News; Law allowed 50% car window tinting to keep motorists cool in the scorching heat

Revised federal traffic law has allowed car tints to be darker to stay the motorists cooler this summer season. The level of mercury is high, which makes the automobiles climbers life more difficult. However, darker window tinting will help in beating the heat.

The revised federal traffic law will be implemented from July 1, 2017. With this law implementation, now car owners are allowed to tint their car windows up to 50% more, earlier this limit was only allowed up to 30%. However, the trucks and taxis are exempted from the rule.

Important Highlights of the Revised Law

  1. Fines for tinting more than the allowed limit would be Dh1000 and the rates vary in different emirates according to the extent of the tint percentage.
  2. The car tinting nowadays is less of job and more part of an artwork.
  3. Today various window films available in the market at different prices. Every tint has different merits and demerits according to the requirements of the consumers.

What is tinting?

Car tints are crafted from the polyethylene terephthalate, which is a thermoplastic polymer that absorbs the heat and offers thermal insulation and block out ultraviolet rays. In the places, where temperature goes beyond 50 degree Celsius, there having tinted car windows is very important. Tints not only provides the privacy and safety but also protect from the skin cancer and other harmful impacts of the sun.

How to pick the right quality Tint?

The bad quality films blur the vision and can even damage the window glass permanently. The quality of window tint can interfere with the navigation of the vehicle and defrost the irrigation system. Moreover, radio signals and phone network can be disturbed. Besides, the cheaper material tints can bubble up in a matter of few days or can change color. The visibility can be reduced and damage the glass permanently.

Maksim Odnorozhenko, managing director at Tint n Sun, Dubai and a veteran at car tinting shared his opinion on the topic as well: “A good professional tint can cost anywhere between Dh300 and Dh1,200 depending on the size of your car, and the average life is up to five years. The best qualities come with a lifetime guarantee.”

He even shared his concerns about the sham workshop that charges an insane amount to do simple car window tinting.

How tinting is done?

  1. First, the film is selected by the customers, then the sheet is cut and hear shrink to fit the car window.
  2. The glass of the car is properly cleaned by the mechanic to make sure that no amount of dirt is trapped between the film and the surface of the glass which can affect the visibility later on.
  3. The masking tape is used to seal the edges of film on the glass.
  4. The already cut, heat shrunk film will be placed on the windows from the inside.
  5. Professional mechanics use the baby shampoo and water on the glass surface to dampen it. Any other hazardous chemicals should not be used as it might harm the film.
  6. The adhesive coating of the film is placed on this damp surface and pressure is applied. The process is repeated until the entire surface is covered.

Generally, people it only takes two to three hours to install the car window tinting. So, if you want to enjoy the benefits of the revised federal traffic law, then you need to immediately tint your cars.

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