Dubai Police Has Taken Strong Steps on National Day to Elevate the Level of Road Safety

The country has been hitting up the mark of 47th National Day. On this auspicious day, Dubai police have tightened the road safety rules and warned the dangerous car decorations. Police have even imposed the fine of Dh2000 and 2300 black points.

Director of Traffic Department in Dubai police, Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui has said that they had nab all the offenders during the national celebration. Police will patrols on all the main roads, especially on the intersection points to monitor the traffic flow.

The police department will install mobile radars in the highway to control the violators during the celebration. He urged the public to refrain from creating any chaotic situations on the road. Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, strictly emphasis to people to not violet any rules during the rallies and don’t attend rallies without permission.

Police will offer the safety and security to all the residents so that they can main their reputation. The police department is working to achieve high safety standards to provide enhanced comfort on the roads.

List of Fines

  1. Driving a vehicle in endangering manner on the road will be fined Dh2000, 26 traffic points and 60 days impound.
  2. For stopping the vehicle in the middle of the road will be fined Dh1000 fine and 6 traffic points.
  3. If you are driving noisy vehicle, then Dh2000 and 12 traffic points will be your penalty.
  4. Overclocked   on the vehicle will cost you Dh1500.
  5. The unauthorized march of the vehicle will be fined Dh500, 4 traffic points and 15 days impound.
  6. Dh500 will be fined for writing words or putting posters on the vehicle without permission.
  7. For using the horn or the stereo in an annoying way will fine Dh400 and 4 traffic points.
  8. If someone doesn’t follow the traffic instructions, then you will be fined Dh400 and 4 traffic points.
  9. For blocking the traffic fine will be Dh400.
  10. Dh1000 with the six traffic points for throwing garbage out of the vehicle.
  11. Dh400 for intentionally cover the number plate of the vehicle.

Do’s and Don’t Do’s During the Rally

  1. The car should not be decorated with the flags or anything which doesn’t block the driver’s side view or the car number plate.
  2. Don’t block the windscreen of the car with anything.
  3. Don’t assert your vehicle with noisy emitting mechanisms.
  4. Don’t block the number plate with decoration items.
  5. Don’t change the color of the vehicle.
  6. Don’t stick body parts out of the windows or sunroof.
  7. Don’t write anything offensive and provocative stuff on the vehicle.

Just follow up all the Dubai Police road safety on the National Day and help out police to maintain the safety and security level on the roads of Dubai. Follow rules and be safe!

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