How to Repair Your Window Tint?

Tinting your vehicle is one of the best ways to improve the efficiency and aesthetic appearance of your vehicle. The window tinting offers great benefits to your car such as they block excessive heat from damaging the interior of your car, tinting protect you from dangerous ultraviolet rays. Overall, tinting car is a very effective and good way to protect your car. However, if the protective window tint itself gets damaged or required repair, then who will protect your vehicle. The window films are very delicate and can get easily damaged if they are not kept properly.

When your window tint required repair, then you have two options here either you can go to the workshop to repair your car tint or you can do it yourself. However, the later option isn’t recommended by us. That’s because window tinting can be easily done at home by yourself, but when it’s done by professional, then it will be better. Especially, if your tinting is still under the warranty period, then you should definitely use that benefit.

Fix Common Tinting Issues at Home

Well, the small anything problems can be a will be handled by you at your home. You just need some technical knowledge and basic stuff to repair your damaged window tints at home. In this post, we will discuss the three different tinting problems which you can handle at home with some basic knowledge.

How to fix bad tinting job?

If you are not satisfied with the tinting job done by your window tints installer and want to fix the faulty tint, then you should call your installer first. That’s because it’s the duty of the installer to provide you with the utmost satisfaction and good work. So, if your tinting isn’t under the warranty or your installer won’t offer you any good results, then you can take the matter into your hands and do the tinting job at home.

To fix the tint you might require following material; Hairdryer, Safety pin, Spray bottle, and Straight edge.

Step 1: Wait up for the sunny and clear day to repair your car tint. That’s because the sunny day will make the job easier for you. Before repairing the tint, part your car under the sun to warm up. However, if you can’t wait up for the sunny day to fix the tint, then you can use the hair dryer to warm up your tint.

Step 2: Once the tint is warm, then use the spray bottle to spray the cold water on the tint. Only apply the mist of water on the surface of the car tint, the combination of cold water and the heated surface will loosen the adhesive and makes it easier to fix the bubbles.

Step 3: Now, you can remove the air bubble out of the window tint. There are plenty of different ways to remove the air bubbles from the tint. You can use the credit card to slowly move bubbles toward the edge of the window and make sure to keep the gentle hand as one wrong move can destroy your whole tint. In the other method, you can make tiny holes with the needle on the surface of bubbles by making sure that it won’t tear apart the film. This way air will automatically get released from the window tints which gets trap during the installation process.

How to peeled window tint?

Well, if your window tint has been peeling off from the different sections, then you have to repair bit carefully. The process of repairing the peel is bit longer, you have to fully replace the peeled section to get the perfect look.

Step 1: First mark up the area which needs to repair with the help of marker and scale. Try to cover all the peeling area.

Step 2: Use a razor to carefully cut the marked area and be gentle so that you won’t damage the good area.

Step 3: Now, with the steady hands remove the cut out a section of the tint. Be very careful while removing as you can damage the good part of the tint as well.

Step 4: Use a spray bottle to apply a fine mist of distilled water to the section to be removed.

Step 5: Clean the area properly from where the tint has been removed. Thoroughly clean the area from any glue or adhesive marks.

Step 6: You should cut the new tint according to the measurements of your cut out section. But, make sure to cut 1 cm extra from the actual measurements.

Step 7: Spray the water on the area where you have to apply the tint.

Step 8: Apply new tint as per the instructions are given by the manufacturer. Carefully apply the tint while making sure that no bubbles forms on the surface of the film.

Step 9: You should use the straightedge to cut through both the old and new tinting where it overlaps on the edges of the square you cut out. Repeat this action on the sides of the tint to make sure that nothing looks odd.

How to fully remove damaged window tint?

Well, if there isn’t any scope of minor repair with your tints, then you have to fully remove the tint from your car windows and have to replace them. To do the job follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Wet the outer surface of window tint with the water and cut out the garbage bag in a way that it fits your car windows. Due to the wet surface of the tinted windows, a garbage bag will easily stick to the window. Then, park your car under the sun.

Step 2: Spray the inside of the window liberally with ammonia. So, as you are covering your windows with the ammonia so make sure to cover the floor, seats and another important part of your car with a towel or plastic.

Step 3: Use the razor blade to remove the tint from the window. Do the process very carefully so that whole tint comes out easily.

Step 4: Now, throughout clean your windows from any marks of the glue or adhesive.

Well, these were some easy way to repair your car window tinting at home. But, still if possible visit the workshop to do the repairing job as the fixing tint involves some technical skills which require the assistance of experts. So, therefore first try your window tint installer and only, then try to do them yourself.

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