How To Select Perfect Window Films for Your Windows?

Windows are the important part of your life, they let the fresh sunlight and air be part of your home, office, and car. Just imagine having a home on the car without the proper window, how much suffocating and inconvenient would be that scenario for you. Thus, having a window in your residential, commercial or vehicle is a vital thing.

However, sometimes the foreign elements that can easily enter your life through the open window can be a downside of having a window. For instance, the sunlight coming through the windows of your home or office can be dangerous for you in numerous ways. As we know that sunlight contains harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays in it which can cause a number of problems for you.

Like, ultraviolet rays can harm your skin, eyes, furniture of your office or home can destroy the interior of your car and much more. Whereas infrared rays are very strong and heated which can increase the inner temperature of your place or vehicle and make it impossible for you to stay cool during a hot summer day. Moreover, they increase your utility bills by so many levels.

Apart from the harmful rays, the polluted air and dust particles also destroy the health and interior of your surroundings. Well, these negative side of windows can be cured with one solution.

Window Films

Okay, you can protect yourself from all the negative impacts of the windows, just by installing the extra the of protection to your normal windows. The extra protection of the films will protect your windows from giving free passage to the harmful rays and polluted air from the outside. So, when all the negative impacts of the windows are eliminated by the power window films, then you can enjoy fresh sunlight and clean air more clearly in your life.

However, to enjoy the view from your windows, you have shielded them with the extra layer of window films. Well, if you have no idea about window films and how to get the perfect films for your home or car, then we can help you out here. We have gathered some basic rules which you should consider before tinting your windows to enjoy the view.

Requirement of Film

Today, plenty of different types of window films are available in the market and all the window films have a different purpose which can they help you with. For example, if you have a beautiful house facing the beach, then you must want to enjoy the view of the beach, without the interruption of the heated rays of the sun. So, in that scenario, you required to install the reflective window films or night vision window films. These films can block the unwanted rays of the sun, but affect the view of the outside.

On the contrary, if you required privacy or want to block the view from outside of your home, then you can use the privacy window films or frosted window films to help you out. So, always determine your priorities first before selecting the window films for your place or car.

Level of protection

Well, as we have mentioned that every window film has a separate function and feature, then you should consider the feature of window film before picking them up. If you live in the area where the level of wind and storms is high, then you need to install the window Films with the more protection feature in them. So, that films can offer the extra layer of protection to your glass windows and protect them from getting shattered easily. Moreover, the protective feature of the window films prevents dust particles and small debris from entering your home and making the interior of your home polluted.

To enhance the protection level of your home, you can invest in the safety and security window films, frosted window films etc., The safety window films protect your vehicle from the attack of the burglars as well as strangers from prying inside your car. So, if your main concern of installing the window films is provided your home, car or office an extra protective layer, then specifically as window tint installer to show you protective feature window films.


Now, the most important factor that you should consider before selecting the window film for your home or car would be the price of the window film. There are numerous different types of window films available in the market that in the different price range. The price of the window films generally depends on the installer of the films. That’s because every car accessory shop will offer you a different price for the same tint.

But, if you are looking for the basic price idea for window tinting, then for auto tinting you have to pay around Dhs1,000 and for the residential tinting, price depends upon the size of your home. Moreover, the window films like nano-ceramic window films, reflective window films, etc ., which has special technology used in the manufacturing might cost you even more.

So, if you are satisfied with all the above mentioned three rules of selecting window films only, then select the window films for your place. Otherwise, don’t settle for any window films because, for the perfect results, you have to select the window films very carefully after scrutinizing them on your different requirement levels.

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