Immediate Actions to Take When You Get Involved In the Car Accident

Car accidents are one of the worst and dangerous kind of accidents which can the death of the participants. Daily we hear numerous news regarding car accidents and how many people died in the car accidents. Especially, in UAE where people love to drive their vehicles in full speed, these kinds of news are very common.

So, if you don’t want to end up in the car accident news, then you need to follow some precautionary steps in advance.  However, if after driving safely and following all the traffic rules, you got yourself into the car accidents maybe because of the wrong move of the other car drivers. On the road, car accidents are inventively a common issue, so if you get involved with the car accidents in UAE, then you have to do follow things on the priority base.

Call 999

The first thing that you should do when you get involved with the car accident is to not lose your calm. You need to control your nerves and act in controlled mannered if there’s any injury. So, if there’s any injury in the car accident, then you should immediately call to the ambulance on 999. Then, if you want to claim the accident damage to your vehicle, then you have to call the police and report the accident.

In Dubai and the northern emirates, you can get the police when you call 999, while in the city of Abu Dhabi and its suburbs, you should dial 999 and ask to speak to the Saeed officers – the traffic police. So, technically you will get the police and the ambulance from the same number, it will be very helpful at the time of the accident when you are already in so much pain and pressure to just dial one number and call both the important services.

Move to Side

When there is a big accident, then it can easily block the traffic on the road. So, the first thing that you should do after calling the police and ambulance is to take your vehicle to the side of the road to clear the blockage of the traffic. Make sure that all the important documents of your car are with you when you move your vehicle on the other side of the road because police and ambulance are going to verify your documentation once they reach you.

Take Important Steps

You should immediately click some pictures of the damaged done on your vehicle, this will help you in claiming the insurance money easy for the repair of your car. Moreover, once the police officer reaches to you, calmly talk to them and convey your side of the story to the police officer without disrespecting the police officer in any way.

Don’t flee

If the accident is called up due to your own mistake thank you have had more than one car at one time, and then you should not flee from the situation. This might be your first thought to flee from the accident scene, but never do that as police will eventually catch you and, then your punishment will be harsh. If you flee from the accident site, then you can end up with an AED 500 fine, six black points, and confiscation of your vehicle for seven days if you fail to stop.

Moreover, if in the investigation police find out that you are the main cause of the accident and have caused the major injury during the accident, then you will be served in by the court and legal punishment will be imposed on you according to the state laws.

So, always drive safe and if you end up in an accident, then don’t panic or flee from the site, just call the police. That’s because if an accident isn’t surged due to your mistake, then you are totally safe.

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