Let’s Be Energy Efficient With The Window Films

Okay, if you have a beautiful home or professional looking office in the suburb on the commercial area of the hot and humid sitting city like a Dubai, then you must be always worried about providing the comfort and coziness to yourself and your employees. Well, that’s because the temperature level and the level of the sun rays are very high in the Emirates of Dubai. There you will feel the sun rays on your body which can harm you in numerous ways.

Moreover, they keep it a range of the sun in this region falls directly without any protection on you and your vehicles or buildings. So, if you want to protect yourself from the heated rays of the sun and maintaining your inner temperature bearable, you have to fully blast the air conditioner in your home, office or car.

However, to blast the AC on full speed in your home or car, you have to pay generous electricity bills and have to spend more than half of your salary on your utility bills. But, if you install the residential window films or commercial window films in your home or office, then you can eventually reduce your electricity bills.

Are Facing Trouble of Hefty Utility Bills?

If you live in the area which is relatively hot and humid as compared to the other parts of the earth such as Dubai, then you have to face the extra heat. To control the heated rays of the sun to heat up the inner temperature of your home or office, you have to blast the air conditioner at full speed 24/7. Yep, you can’t switch off the air conditioner for a second if you don’t want to boil in the scorching heats.

The air conditioners mainly consumed more energy as compared to any other electronic appliances of your home or office. An average air conditioner might cause you around Dh500-1000. Moreover, for the commercial place, it’s going to cost you even more because the commercial places are bigger and their requirement of cooling is more as compared to the residential places.

So, it means half of your salary or profit goes directly to the electricity bills which you have to pay to keep your home and office cool. But, do you know by installing window films on your home or office windows, you can save up to 33% of your energy consumption bills.

If you are facing a hard time believing this fact that one window films can protect you from the heated rays and reduce your electricity bills by so much level. Well, it might hard to believe, but it’s 200% truth. Wondering how?

How Window Films Save Your Electricity Bills?

Well, if the window films are professionally installed in your home or office, then you can save a tremendous amount on the electricity bill and can reduce your electricity consumption level as well. You see folks, window films worth the extra protection layer on your Windows which keeps the heated rays of the sun as well as the harmful ultraviolet rays from entering the threshold of your home or office.

The sun control window films which are specially made of the material which can block around 70% of heated rays and 99% ultraviolet rays. This can blockage of window films will eventually reduce the electricity consumption of your home and office as you won’t have the blast air conditioner on full speed to reduce the heat level. That’s because more than half of the work has already been accomplished by the window films here.

So, when you have to close your office or have to go out of your home, then you won’t have to keep the air conditioner on. This way you can save lots of money as window films retain the cold air trapped inside your home or office, so you won’t have to constantly keep your air conditioner on.

Window Films Dual Attack

To save your electricity bills, the window films help you in a double format such as;

  1. They Block. Firstly, window film works by blocking the heated rays of the sun and ultraviolet rays that can enhance the level of the temperature inside. So, when the heated rays are blocked by 77%, then the half work of the window films is done here.
  2. They Trap. Once the air conditioner has cooled the temperature of your inside to the desired level, then you can switch off the air conditioner as the window films trap the cold air of inside. So, you can keep the switch on at once and the window films will automatically maintain the level of temperature for you.

Okay, folks if you are tired of your lengthy utility bills, then make a one-time investment in the window films and keep your inner temperature moderate always. So, homeowners and office owners, to stay cool and composed in the scorching heat of the sun and stay away from the stress of lengthy window films, get the residential and commercial window films asap.

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