Motorists are recommended to use high-quality window tints to beat the heat

The summer heat is going to rise in UAE rapidly and in some parts, it’s even going to cross the 50 degree Celsius bar. Motorists who want to tint their car windows to beat the scorching heat of the summer needs to ensure that only quality materials should be used.

Car window tint serves the two vital purposes; they keep the glares of the sun lessen and keep the interior of your car cool by rejecting the heated rays of the sun. This has been explained by one of the mangers of car window tint workshop.

The manager even explained that the high-quality window films augment the safety as glares coming from the sun can be dangerous for the safety. Especially, if the driver is facing the sun directly while driving. Low-quality window tints have low heat resistance quality which is a huge safety concern for the drivers. Whereas good quality ceramic window films offer high heat rejection quality.

The price of the good quality ceramic window films depends upon the shop but the average price of the tint may vary from Dh500 or higher. Ceramic window films can reject the heat by 80% to 90%. The demand for the car window tint is going to increase in the upcoming months of summer. The summer season brings numerous motorists to the tinting shops who want tint their new car or want their old film replaced.

A tint installer shared his experience as well by saying that ceramic window films are highly popular in the summer season and even companies provide summer discounts on them. That’s why apart from new car owners, old car owners are planning to replace their regular window tints with the ceramic tints for better results. However, not all clients can afford ceramic tint films but there is a wide range of brands available that could serve as alternatives and still provide quality performance,

So, if you want to protect yourself this summer season from the scorching heat and blazing glares of the sun, then you have to install the good quality window tints only. As moderate quality window films can’t fully protect you from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, especially the summer sun.

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