RAK Police Will Impose Dh500 Fine With 30 days of Impoundment for Over tinting 3

Well, do you like to tint your car’s windows to protect yourself from the scorching heat of the summer? If you protect yourself from the heated rays of the sun with the help of tints, then you are a smart person because saving yourself from the heated rays can be only done with the help of window tints. But, if you like this idea very much and try to install the window tints more then the limit by the government and the police department, and this great idea is not very great for you.

That’s because the RAK police department has issued the notice reminding motorists that over tinting than the allowed limit will be heavily fined by the department. They will impose the fine of Dh500 for over tinting on you. Moreover, the tinting is done very much higher than the allowed limit, then your vehicle can be impounded for 30 days. This statement has been issued by the senior police officer of the RAK police department.

Police won’t let go rule breakers

Brigadier Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al Humaidi, director-general of the central operations department, RAK police, has given this statement saying that police would not let go the people who don’t follow the road safety rules. He said that according to the new federal traffic law, police has permitted motorists to tint their car windows up to 50%. This limit is set after careful review and cross-checking with numerous road safety rules.

If someone tries to over tint their car from the allowed limit then that would be clear offense and considered as negligence of basic safety rules of the road. Police will strictly monitor all the motorists carefully to make sure that they are following the rules properly.

Awareness campaign

Brigadier Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al Humaidi, director-general of the central operations department, RAK police, has stated that police will aware the new drivers about the risks of not following the traffic rules. He said, “poses a grave risk to road users’ life and properties. We should all cooperate to activate this ‘over tinting, so risky’ campaign to help put an end to this violation, and ensure a safe, stable and traffic accident-free society.

Already around 25,000 brochures have been distributed by the Police to the new motorists to make them aware about the hazards and problems of over tinting or not following the federal traffic law.

The police officer also said that the police department will be enforcing the implementation of the law very carefully. A motorist who will try to break the tinting rule imposed by the government and police of Department will be punished by the department.

So, if you don’t want to get penalized by the new federal traffic law punishment and don’t want to impound your vehicle, then carefully follow all the traffic rules. Never break the traffic rules as they are designed for your own safety.

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