The first day of New Traffic Law has been Super Successful for Dubai Police; 1279 fines are issued

The new federal traffic rule has been implemented by Dubai Police Department on 1st July 2017. Within 24 hours of the new traffic law implementation around 1278 traffic fines have been issued by the department.

The official statistics gathered by the different news agencies of the gulf area has shown that 311 fumes were issued in the presence of the police officers. The new law has been harsher on the penalty side to control the death rate on road accidents by the traffic department.

Out of all the fines the most common fine which has been issued by the authorities was for the blocking traffic flow. Around 208 fines have been handed out for this offense and the penalty charged for this offense under the new traffic law is of Dh1000.

Director of Traffic Department in Dubai Police Take

The director of Traffic Department in Dubai Police, Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, has talked on the topic. He said that lane discipline has ranked second with the 125 fines issued and the offenses related to the parking come third with the 98 traffic fines.

Dubai Police Department has issued the fines under the new law as well. The three fines have been issued under the provisions included in the new law. The penalizing drivers who fail to ensure their passengers’ safety by fastened seat belts will be also punished under the new law.

Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui has said that it is the responsibility of the driver to make sure that the passengers are wearing a seatbelt, otherwise be ready for Dh400 and 4 traffic point. He also warned that allowing children under 10 to sit on the front seat would be fined Dh400. The same fine will be allowed if you fail to fix child seats for children under the age of 4.

Dubai Police has fined 56 motorists for using the phone when they are driving also with the new law implementation. Moreover, the nine-person were fined for being distracted while driving the car. The penalty for both the offenses has been strict according to the new la for Dh800 fine and 4 traffic points.

Al Mazroui has said that person using the phone while driving is a major offense. As the offense can cause serious accident strictly on the highway. The list of new fines will help to have better roads.

So, people be good and follow all the new federal traffic law and save yourself from the penalty.

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