Tinting Rented Cars is Banned in UAQ

Window tinting of the rented car has been now banned in Umm Al Quwain. This action has been taken to improve the level of security and controlling the indecent and illegal activities, as per the top traffic police of the area.

Lt-Col Saeed Obaid bin Aran, Director of Traffic and Patrols Department of the UAQ Police Directorate General, stated that no rental car agency has not been permitted to tint any of their rental vehicles. This move is launched by interior ministry according to their strategy and vision of enhancing the security and controlling the indecent and illegal activities.

Some motorists have been reported to misuse their rental vehicles to practice illegal activities. Some of the car windows of the rented car are tinted up to 50 to 90 percent which is way more than the legal limit. The violation of non permitted car window tinting that exceeded the set limit has seen a rise of 30 percent in the last three months in different areas across the emirate.

Tinting Rental is Punishable

Tinting the rental car is penalized by the law. The fine of Dh500 will be imposed on the owner of the car. In some cases when the tinting is excessive, the vehicle will be impounded for 30 days. In normal cars, the new federal traffic law allows tinting car up to 30% light except front windshield of the car.

The drivers use to tint their car windows to reduce the effect of the sun glares and curb the temperature, this is one of the effective procedure to offer safety and security to the car. That’s why 50% has been the set maximum car tinting limit which has revised by federal traffic law.

But, the rental car drivers are not paying attention to this rule and residents in UAQ have requested traffic authorities to strictly impose the federal traffic law and even make the penalty hard.

Residents Concern

Ali Rashid, an Emirati in Salma area, said a friend of his met with a serious accident due to excessive car window tint. The dark tints become even darker at night and this is a serious problem for the vision. The same thought has been expressed by Mohammed Saeed, an Egyptian resident of Al Abraq area. Some youngsters are using tinted windows to do drugs and other illegal activities.

Lt-Col bin Aran said that police department is all ready to control the traffic accidents by introducing more traffic awareness campaigns in association with the ministry of interior. More and more motorists are requested to abide by the traffic rules and adopt the road safety rules. So, follow the road safety rules and protect yourself from destructive road accidents.

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