Tinting Up to 15 cm is allowed on the Windshield

According to the new federal traffic rules imposed by the Dubai Police in July, some major changes in the window tinting rules have been seen. In the new rule, motorists are allowed to tint up to 50% which was earlier allowed only 30%. However, motorists are complaining after the new law as they are being fined up to Dh1500 for tinting their windshields.

That’s why Major-General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Operational Affairs at Dubai Police and director of the Federal Traffic Council, tried to further elaborate the new law. He said that vehicles excluding trucks and taxes can tint their windshields up to 15 cm only.

He further clarified that the new rule isn’t applicable to the whole vehicle as motorists can only cover 5.5 inches of windshield area of their motor vehicles. This clarification comes after the complaint of motorists on the Arab radio stating that they have been fined by traffic officers after the implication of the new traffic rule.

Motorists are Misunderstanding

This is proving to be the mere case of the misunderstanding on the part of the motorists. They have misunderstood the new federal traffic rule issued by the Dubai Police department. Motorists have misunderstood the fact that new rule has given them the privilege to tint their whole vehicle up to 50% darker. However, this isn’t the real case as the new rule has been implemented with some conditions. Such as:

  1. All the vehicles fall under this new federal traffic law imposed by the Dubai Police department, but the heavy vehicles and commercial vehicles are excluded from the law. That means the new law isn’t applicable to the trucks and taxes.
  2. The law of 50% darker is not applicable to the whole vehicle. This is applicable to all the windows of your vehicle apart from the windshield of the vehicle. For the windshields, only 5.5 inches of window tinting is allowed.

Motorists are Getting Fined

Some motorists have shown their concerns while talking with the news agencies that they are getting fined in some emirates after clearly following the rules. To address this issue, Major-General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Operational Affairs at Dubai Police and director of the Federal Traffic Council, said that they informed all police departments in the UAE about the new changes in the traffic law, confirming that it is allowed to put up to 50 percent tint on car windows.

He also cleared the Article 9 in his message according to which rental cars and company cars also come under the new federal traffic law. He assured that new law will be implemented properly and all the issues of the motorists will be addressed by the police department asap.

Get Tinting Properly

Motorists, if you don’t want to get fined again and again because of a small misunderstanding, then you should clearly study the new traffic law of Dubai Police department. Moreover, when you are planning to install the new window films on your car, they always hire a good manufacturer who has all the information related to the new law.

Your safety and protection are in your own hands, so stay safe and follow the rules properly.

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