UAE Study Finds That Solar Panels Can Save 33.5% of Energy Cost

If you own a building in Dubai, then by installing the transparent solar panels on your Windows you can save your energy cost. You can approximate please save 33.5% of your energy consumption cost by installing transparent solar panels on your windows. Now, we are not saying it to shock you, but this has been proven by a study.

The solar panels are known as building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). They generate energy and double as glazing and tinting to improve energy efficiency.

The Study

Mohammad Katanbaf, an architect at KEO International Consultants Abu Dhabi who has conducted this study has revealed something about his finding. He said that he knew the good qualities of the BIPV, but he has never thought that it’s going to be so good.

The study has been conducted very scientifically using the different computer models and architecture pressure of the city and after comparing every data and the temperature conditions this study has been completed by the architect of Abu Dhabi.

This study will encourage more and more building owners in UAE to adopt the technology and save the energy consumption level.

Less Awareness

Karel de Winter, UAE division manager of Alsa Solar Systems said that solar panel cells are rarely found in Emirates. That’s Probably because the cost of the BIPV is higher than the solar panels. It’s difficult to estimate the exact price of the BIPV, but according to the rough estimate, it’s thrice the regular price.

However, in some countries are below the awareness of the solar panels has been given to the people. There the panel has been from being used in the traffic lights and other electric consumption stuff.

Steps Are Taken

Saeed Al Tayer, chief executive of Dewa (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority), said consultants had been appointed to examine whether such a scheme was feasible in Dubai. The results of the study aren’t yet declared by the department.

Daniel Pedroso, regional manager of BIPV maker Isofoton, said that this morning was no work properly in the body if proper incentive won’t be given to the people. That’s because the price of the regular window tinting is already higher in Dubai and have been difficult for other people to do it. So unless the government wants to give any extra benefits to the people on any subsidy on the installation of solar panels, this scheme won’t be applicable to all the people of Dubai.

To know the future of BIPV, we have to wait for the results and see what the government says about this.

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