Ultimate Checklist for Dubai Motorists which will Protect Them From the Heat

The scorching heat of the beautiful city Dubai has been a huge problem. The heat of the city has been affecting road safety and increasing the number of road accidents in the city. Sometimes weather of Dubai crosses the bar of the 50 degree Celsius also which is highly dangerous for the motorists and their vehicles.

If you want to protect yourself from the scorching heat of the sun and keep yourself safe from the and inventive a road accident which is occurred due to the heavy heat, then you have to follow some precautions in advance to keep yourself protected from the heat. There are plenty of different checkpoints are created by experts from the traffic department and the motor vehicles experts to protect you from the scorching heat of the city.

Checklist To Prevent Road Accidents in Summers

#1. Regular Tire Checkup’s

During the summer season, are you should regularly check up your tire pressure so that heat won’t impact your tires. Not, only during the summer season, but throughout the year, you should regularly check your tires. However, in this season, your tires are at more thread because of the scorching heat and the raised level of temperature. You should visit your car mechanic from time to time and check for cracks and cuts in your car tires. If there are large cuts in your car’s tires, then it is advised to replace them.

New tires typically have a tread depth of 8mm and the minimum legal tire depth in the UAE is 1.6mm. You should avoid from reaching this limit and get your car checked before reaching the 3mm limit.

#2. Window Films Checkup

Window films are one of the most important accessories of your car that can protect you from the heated rays of the sun and harmful ultraviolet rays. So, before it started to heat up the temperature, you should invest in good quality window films to protect yourself from the scorching heat of the sun. Moreover, you should follow the legal limit decided by the federal traffic law of Dubai regarding the window films. According to the new law, the allowed tinted of the car is 50% which was cold here only 30%. So, you should visit your nearest window tint installer and ask them to install the tint according to the rules and regulations of the government.

If you find the tint of your car damage, then you should immediately repair them before the summer season. If you see bubbles forming on your window tints, then they can be easily repaired by the installers. However, if your car tint is peeling off or fading, then you have to install the new films on your car.

#3. Check Tires Pressure

Monthly your car tire produces two pounds of pressure. However, during the summer season, the rate of the car pressure reduction also increases because of the heat and the humidity in the environment. This could create a problem for you in balancing the vehicle and handling it. Moreover, tires with the low pressure wear out easily and consume more energy. An important thing to remember is that tires should be checked 2 hours after the car has been a driver, otherwise add 0.3 bars to the recommended level to acquire an accurate reading.

So, folks if you want to protect yourself from getting into the dangerous car accidents due to the heated environment of the city, then you should follow all the precautions mention above so that you won’t suffer from the road accident. This will not only protect you but the other cars on the road as well. Be safe by following all the precautions.

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