Which season is perfect to tint your car?

If you have recently purchased a new car or are you planning to tint the windows of your old car, then this question must be going through your mind. That which season is perfect to install the window tints on your car so that the window tinting of your car will stay long and strong. Well, first we would like to discuss whether the climatic conditions play any role in the installation of the window films or not.

So, the answer is yes, the climatic conditions of your around plays a very important role in the installation process of the window films. If the weather is cold and raining in your area at the time of installation of window films, then this might take a long time for your window film to set and stick to the window glass. This means that you have to pay special attention to make sure that your window film is properly set because if it is not set properly, then the whole process of printing can go wasted.

However, if the environment of your area as warm and sunny during the window installation, then it helps in drying the film quicker and the procedure can be completed without any problem. So, in short, the weather plays a very important role in the installation of the window films that’s why whenever you plan to tint your car windows make sure that the weather is correct for it.

Correct Weather to Tint Your Car

Well, if you looking for the perfect weather to tint the windows of your car, they can tint your windows in the following seasons.

Spring & Fall

These two seasons are considered as the perfect season to tint your car windows. That’s because the climatic conditions of these seasons are very appropriate to install the tints. First, the level of humidity is very low during these seasons of the year. Secondly, the temperature is very moderate during these seasons and let the window films try very easily. So, if there are spring and fall in your area, then you should take advantage of these seasons and get your car tinted today.


Just like the spring and fall, the summer season is considered as the best season to install the window tints. The window films should be installed during the summer season because the temperature is high during this time and makes it easier for films to dry quickly. In the installation of window films water is used, so hot weather makes it easier for tints to dry and ready for use sooner.

Moreover, window films are more required during the summers as the intensity of the sun and heat is high during this time. So, people need tints in summer to block the heated rays from harming their skin and the interior of their vehicles. Thus, to install the new car tints always pick the summer time.


Well, winters are the worst season to install the window tints on your car. Reasons are obvious, the temperature is very low during the winters and the heated rays of the sun are also weak during this season. So, the low temperature of the winter makes it impossible to dry tints quicker. Nowadays, artificial sources of heat are used to dry the tints faster, but the artificial methods can’t be compared with the strong rays of the sun.

So, if you want to install the window details on your car this season, then you should either pick the summer, spring or fall. Never ever pick up the winters to install tints, however if you real emergency than ask your tint installer to use the heavy blow dryers to quickly dry the tints.

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