Window Films That Should Be Installed in Residential Places to Reduce Energy Consumption

If you have a beautiful home in the suburbs of Dubai, then you are one lucky fella for owning a luxurious place in this stylish city. However, living in this hot city has one disadvantage that you have to daily beat the hot and humid weather of the Middle East here. To curb the level of heat in your home, you have to use an air conditioner to cool down the interior of your home.

Well, blasting air conditioner might provide you relaxation for a few moments, but when the big energy consumption bill comes, then the bill might give you a mini heart attack. That’s because running the air conditioner all day along to maintain the temperature of your home is going to cost you very much.

Now, if you don’t want to pay a ridiculously high amount of money for your utility bills, then you should install the window tints. If you are wondering from where the hell window films come in the equation and how can a tint reduce the energy consumption level. Well, now don’t be impatient and let us share everything in detail.

How can window tint reduce energy consumption level?

The window films are designed with the special material which can observe the heated rays emitted by the sun and trap the inner cold air inside, this process helps in maintaining the inner temperature of your home. That means you won’t have to blast ac all day along to keep your place cool and comfortable.

Approximately a window tint can block 70% of heated rays and 99% of ultraviolet rays which results in the 33% overall reduction in your energy consumption level of the home. So, when the energy consumption level is low, then obviously your utility bill will reduce. This petrified cycle might have explained to you how a window tint can help in reducing the energy consumption of your home.

4 Window Film Options for Reducing Residential Energy Consumption

There are plenty of different residential window films available in the market. However, if your motive is to install window films which can help you in reducing the energy consumption level of your home, then there are four residential films available to the job. These four window films options will observe the heated rays and trap the cold air inside your home in the most effective manner. To save some energy invest in following window films;

#1. 3M Ceramic Window Films

These ceramic series residential 3M window films offer the great extent of balance between the saving and quality. These tints let you save money, but without compromising the quality. The ceramic window films block the heated rays of the sun and trap the cold air inside the home with the help of a special ceramic coating. No, amount of metal isn’t used to design the ceramic window films so they won’t disturb your vision. You can easily see outside your with these ceramic tints as they don’t block your vision. High quality ceramic window films also offer infrared rays protection as well which makes them very effective.

#2. 3M Classic Window Films

The Classic series window films have been popular among the residential buildings and the Neutral 35 is one of the most demanded Classic films. These films offer a great level of performance with the abrasion resistant coating which will protect your home glares of the sun. They emit the high level of natural light with the zero levels of heat in it. Made from polyester, this film reduces 99% of harmful UV rays. The Neutral 35’s metal coating gives it a gray tint, but the color will not fade or change. As opposed to non-metallic films, the Neutral 35 may cause increased interference with electronic signals. To block the sunlight and ultraviolet rays and to reduce the energy consumption level of your place, these tints are the great solution.

#3. 3M Prestige Films

Prestige window films are one of the high tech window films available in the market. They are free from any kind of metallic substance just like the ceramic window films. So, these tints won’t block radio or navigation signals for you. Prestige films are designed from the fine layer of the polymer which won’t let ultraviolet and infrared rays harm you. The biggest plus point of prestige window films is that they can block around 97% of infrared rays that means the low temperature in your home. Moreover, they are less reflective than the ceramic window films.

#4. 3M Night Vision Films

These films are high-quality films specifically designed to offer maximum sun control protection and optimum level of performance option. Unlike other window films, night vision window films offer low reflectivity. These films also protect your home from the attack of ultraviolet rays and other harmful rays of the sun. Night vision films are manufactured to give you a clear view during the night and afternoon. These tints are competent enough to block 71% of ultraviolet rays.

So, folks stop paying your hefty electricity bills because by installing window films, you can reduce your utility bills to 33%. That’s why to invest in good quality residential window films and enjoy other benefits of window films as well.

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